A Project only meant for peace and joy (see history for information on ownership)

“Oponentus was the first system ever to include cup-, arena-, member management and rating in one integreated solution, and not least the first to include a method, for running a tournament by the means of a server, real time and the tournament entrants.”

The story behind

I started the project late summer 2005 with the goal of making an online system that makes it easier to organize and participate in tournaments for amateurs ( From then on, being a simple idea of using an online tournament schedule and a rating formula, it has gradually evolved into an unparalleled system for cup-, arena-, member management and rating with a new method for running tournaments. My different experiences from participation in sports to being an internet- and pc games user in my youth , an idea I got from working at a callcenter many years later, and my wish to create an online system that makes it easier to find an opponent – has inspired me to come up with a system that makes it easier for people to organize and participate in tournaments all over the world.

My independence to sports has been absolutely necessary while working on this project – simply because I wouldn’t have the freedom to work as creatively for anyone else – and my main inspiration has been the joy I find in participating in sports combined with personal experiences during my life through my familiy and relatives. My Great Grandfather was Chairman of the Organizing committee during the Olympic Games in Oslo in 1952. My relatives joy in participating in sports has been passed on from generation to generation at my relatives countriplaces in Norway with a week lasting tournament every summer since the early 20th century in sports like Tennis, Badminton, Bocce, Croquet, Swimming and sailing. While planning the solution I have therefore had bothprivate and professional organizers and participants in mind – making it flexible and useful for different user levels, open for everyone or limited by community.

I filed a patent application in April 2011 after many years of planning. It differed significantly from other tournament software in 2011 – in fact they were not comparable. A horsecarrier and a car would be a good comparison. That is what makes this solution so exciting. The patent application is a well documented copyright document besides email correspondance and other evidece:

-Norwegian priority patent application no: 20110622
-US patent application: 14/113,237
-Malaysian Patent application: PI 2013003912
-Singapore Patent application: 201307971-0